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The Golden Bloom T-Shirt - Black

The Golden Bloom T-Shirt - Black

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Introducing Akisoba's first drop: The Golden Bloom. 

By purchasing, you will automatically be included into a Google Home & AirPods Pro giveaway. Good luck!

Shipping & Returns

Free shipping on orders within the United States. Returns accepted except on orders outside of the United States.

Care Instructions

Gentle or delicate cycle using cold water. Wash alone or with few other delicate or similar colored items. Leave out anything heavy, such as knits or jeans, as reds and blues may bleed onto the shirt.

Attempt to be careful when ironing the artwork or use a protective ironing sheet. If
you don’t have one, use the silicon/parchment paper that came in the parcel, if any. Do not use wax paper to cover the artwork.


Cotton or cotton blend depending on type of clothing. Check the parcel for more details on what materials are included in your apparel.

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